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In December 2018 Norway Parliament agreed on a new alcohol strategy. It was the Christian Democrats (KrF) who proposed this - one of the representatives was the Chair of the Health Committee - Olaug Bollestad, and also the party chairman, Knut Arild Hareide. The official name of the proposal is 'Proposal for a proactive alcohol policy based on solidarity' (Representantforslag om en offsensiv og solidarisk alkoholpolitikk). They got the support from the opposition, labour (AP), left (SV) and the farmers (SP), and together got the majority in Parliament.

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The proposal has several decision points and asking among other things for:

- Asking the Government to present a national alcohol strategy for the Parliament, going in detail on how they want to achieve the aim of reduced alcohol consumption (Norway has adopted a decision that we shall reduce the harmful alcohol consumption by 10 % by 2025 (I believe...).
- Asking the Government to establish an export group to assess the cost to society (work, society, individual health and families)
- Asking the Government to propose to the Parliament proper labelling of the ingredients of alcoholic beverages
- Asking the Government to include health information with a warning of the risk of alcohol in pregnancy and driving


These days, KrF is in discussions with the government to be included in the government. So the decision on the alcohol strategy could be a mechanism on how the new government should address alcohol policy. But that would be too early to say.


Civil society, Actis, IOGT etc, have been asking for this for long time.

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