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Nearly five out of ten in Oslo have seen intoxicated adults with children during the summer vacation

18.07.2023 - Nearly five out of ten in Oslo say they have seen intoxicated adults with children during the summer vacation. Here is the expert's advice on what you can do if you see drunk adults with children this summer.

46 per cent in Oslo say that they have seen intoxicated adults with children during the summer vacation in the past two years. This is shown in a new survey Ipsos conducted on behalf of the alcohol education organisation Av-og-til.

The communications chief at Av-og-til, Eli Stavlund, encourages intervening if you see drunk adults responsible for children during the holiday, also, in situations where you neither know the child nor the parents.

"If the situation allows it, you should try to make contact with the child and ask how he or she is doing. If it is not natural to talk to the child, it might be wise to contact other responsible persons. It could be employees at a restaurant or the staff at a hotel. Tell them what you have seen, and ask if they can take action," encourages Stavlund.

Stavlund emphasises that it is important that the needs of the children are put before your own discomfort.

"Of course, it is uncomfortable to intervene in such a situation. But for the child, it can mean everything that some external adults take action. If you know the child's parents, you should try to talk to them calmly and discreetly. If the person is clearly intoxicated, it is best to wait until the next day and try to shield the child as much as possible. Be as specific as you can, tell what you have seen and why you think it is problematic," she says.

This is what you can do if you see intoxicated adults with children:

If it is natural, you should contact the child and show that you see what is happening.

Try to speak calmly with the parents or other adults, sometimes, it is best to wait until they are sober. Tell what you see, and put words on what you think.

Talk to other adults. Do they see the same as you? What can you do together to handle the situation?

Inform other individuals close to the child daily, such as teachers or school nurses.

Do not hesitate to contact the Emergency Phone for Children and Youth if you need someone to air your thoughts with.

Eli Marie Stavlund

Acting Secretary General

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lekor adams
lekor adams
Jan 22

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