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Sweden - Pricing

The Nordic alcohol monopoly companies follow the principles of impartiality and transparency in pricing. The suppliers are informed in advance of the rules applied to the pricing of retail sale products. The retail price of an alcoholic beverage is composed of the beverage’s purchase price, the alcohol monopoly sales margin and the potential deposit, excise duty on alcohol, any potential environmental or beverage package tax, and value added tax. The prevailing pricing practice in the Nordic alcohol monopolies uses a coefficient principle. The sales margin is included in the prices by the so-called pricing coefficient. The coefficient is directed to the purchase price of the beverage, though in Finland, Norway and Sweden, it excludes the beverage package tax. In Iceland and the Faroe Islands the coefficient is directed to the purchase price and includes the beverage package tax. The sales margin consists of ordinary selling costs in addition to the required management expenses and business profit.



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