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  • Lauri Beekmann

Baltic region leads Europe in household alcohol spending

03.02.2023 - In 2021, households in the EU spent €128 billion (equivalent to 0.9% of the EU GDP) on ‘alcoholic beverages’. This represents 1.8% of their total consumption expenditure, the same percentage share as in 2020.

Among EU members, the highest shares of total consumption expenditure on alcoholic beverages in 2021 were registered in Latvia (5.0%), Estonia (4.7%), Poland (3.7%), Lithuania and Czechia (both 3.6%). On the contrary, the lowest shares were in Greece and Italy (both 1.0%), the Netherlands (1.3%) and Spain (1.4%).

In 2021, compared with the previous year, the share of total household expenditure on alcohol remained unchanged in 10 EU countries (Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Greece Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Romania, Slovakia) and it increased only in Croatia (+0.6 pp). Among the remaining EU members, the largest decreases were recorded in Ireland (-0.5 pp), Latvia and Lithuania (both -0.4 pp), Spain and Estonia (both -0.3 pp).

Source: eurostat


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