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Blue Cross Norway: A growing concern over the rise in cocaine use among youth

02.06.2023 - "We are increasingly worried about the spike in cocaine use among youth," says Camilla Lunde, the head of prevention at Blå Kors (Blue Cross). "The recent statistics from the Youth in Oslo survey corroborate our experiences and anxieties related to cocaine consumption. There is an urgent need to implement preventative measures to halt this trend," Lunde stresses.

According to the survey, there has been a notable increase in the use of cocaine among high school students in Oslo over the past five years. The rate has escalated from three percent to a startling eight percent.

"Oslo often leads the way when it comes to youth trends, and we need to ensure that this negative progression does not spread to other parts of the country," Lunde warns.

Urgent Need to Improve Drug Education

Findings from the Ipsos surveys conducted by Blå Kors in 2022 revealed that 34% of parents are slightly, or not at all, satisfied with the school's preventive efforts against illegal drugs. The data also indicates that 56% of the youth believe that there should be more drug education in schools.

"We have seen an uptick in enquiries from schools over the past six months, seeking expertise to conduct preventative work in narcotics, specifically targeting cocaine," says Lunde. In response, Blå Kors has developed various resources:

Parents' Role in Prevention

Lunde emphasizes the critical role parents play in influencing their children's drug use. "Parents are the most important role models for their children. We need to educate ourselves and discuss narcotics at home. We must ensure our children understand the dangers and consequences associated with drug use, and we must monitor and support them," Lunde urges.

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