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CAN honors prevention efforts

Stefan Åberg

22.11.2023 - The award for this year's prevention efforts is given to Stefan Åberg, ANDTS coordinator for the city of Helsingborg. The city of Trollhättan is recognized as this year's best preventive municipality.

On the main stage amidst fanfares, CAN's director Charlotta Rehnman Wigstad presented awards to the 2023 winners for Prevention Effort of the Year and Best Preventive Municipality. The award ceremony took place at the Fö conference.

Established in 2011, the award aims to recognize successful preventive measures in the areas of alcohol, narcotics, doping, tobacco, and gambling (ANDTS).

Stefan Åberg, ANDTS coordinator for the city of Helsingborg, is this year's prevention awardee. The city of Trollhättan is recognized as this year's best preventive municipality.

Stefan Åberg has notably created the SANDT podcast, where he regularly addresses current issues within ANDTS. The city of Trollhättan has been exemplary in its broad approach to prevention.

"It is a great pleasure to award the prize to Stefan Åberg and the city of Trollhättan. They are very deserving winners who are role models in the field of prevention in Sweden today," says Charlotta Rehnman Wigstad.

The reasons for the awards are as follows:

Prevention Effort of the Year: Stefan Åberg, ANDTS coordinator for the city of Helsingborg

Stefan Åberg is a persistent and innovative individual who has made significant contributions to drug prevention. His dedication and proactive approach have earned him the "Prevention Effort of the Year" award.

Stefan's work has reached a variety of groups. He has created two prominent tools to combat drug use: The Toolbox and the SANDT podcast. The Toolbox is a digital platform offering information and resources for implementing drug prevention measures in schools. The SANDT podcast is a podcast that discusses current issues within ANDTS.

Stefan's efforts have helped raise awareness in Sweden. He is an inspiring role model who encourages others to get involved in drug prevention work.

As a former senior wrestling master, Stefan also has unique insights into the importance of clean training. He can be particularly proud of his work with "Clean Training HBG," a joint initiative against the use of anabolic androgenic steroids and other banned substances in gyms.

Read an interview with Stefan Åberg here.

Anna Kindberg, Monica Leijon, Malin Hedelin, Cecilia Gustafsson.

Best Preventive Municipality: Trollhättan

This year's best preventive municipality is the city of Trollhättan. It is a driven municipality with significant presence and long-term commitment in ANDTS prevention work. Trollhättan demonstrates high expertise and systematic approach in its efforts through policies and annual action plans. They actively collaborate with local police, restaurateurs, and gym facilities, employing methods like "Bars Against Drugs" and "100% Clean Hard Training." By actively participating in regional network meetings in the ANDTS network in the Västra Götaland County, Trollhättan not only promotes excellent ANDTS preventive work within the municipality but also serves as an inspiring example for the entire county.

The best preventive municipality award is given to a municipality that scores highly in the so-called Prevention Index. The Prevention Index includes factors such as policy and structure, collaboration, and implementation of measures to reduce availability and demand. Special emphasis for this award is placed on the quality of the municipality's policy for alcohol and drug prevention work.

Source: CAN

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