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"Drug Policy for the Future" Conference to take place in Stockholm

29.03.2023 - Stockholm is gearing up to host the "Drug Policy for the Future" conference, a prestigious event set to take place at the Hilton Hotel Slussen from May 31 to June 1. The conference, which is also available digitally, will bring together world-leading researchers and experts to discuss drug policies and research. Those interested in attending can register HERE.

The conference is organized in line with Sweden's presidency of the EU's Council of Ministers, as well as the UN's Agenda 2030 and the global goals for sustainable development. Goal 3, which focuses on good health and well-being, emphasizes the need to strengthen efforts in preventing and treating addiction.

Invited speakers will provide insights on the current drug situation in Sweden, Europe, and the world. The conference serves as a platform for attendees to gain knowledge and establish valuable connections in the field.

Some highlights from the conference program include:

  1. Giovanna Campello, Chief of UNODC Prevention, Treatment, & Rehabilitation Section (PTRS), will discuss international standards on prevention and the conventions on narcotic drugs, with a focus on the Single Convention of 1961.

  2. Professor Bertha K Madras will share insights on the consequences of marijuana use and legalization, drawing from lessons learned in North America.

  3. Ain Peil, a drug policy adviser from Estonia's Ministry of the Interior, will reflect on Estonia's experience as the country with the highest rate of drug overdose deaths, providing valuable lessons for other countries.

  4. Linda Montanari, Principal Scientist at the Public Health Unit of EMCCDA, will present an overview of the drug situation, emphasizing gender and the experiences of women in drug addiction.

  5. Stig Erik Sörheim, head of the International Department of Actis, will provide a summary of drug policy in Europe, touching on cannabis legalization trends.

  6. David Best, Professor and Director of the Centre for Addiction Recovery Research (CARR) at Leeds Trinity University, will speak on the long-term process of recovery, which often takes five to seven years after the last substance use.

For the full conference program and further details, visit

The conference is organized by Sweden's National Council for Alcohol and Narcotics Affairs (S.L.A.N) in collaboration with various organizations and stakeholders.

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