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Fewer Swedes Think It's Wrong to Drive After Drinking a Glass of Wine

10.04.2023 - A recent IQ survey shows that only 72% of Swedes believe it's wrong to drive after having a glass of wine or beer. This number has dropped significantly from 88% in 2010. The Traffic Safety Administration's vision of zero deaths or injuries in traffic seems increasingly difficult as attitudes toward drinking and driving become more lenient. This is according to IQ's Alcohol Index survey, which has been conducted annually since 2010 with the help of Novus.

"Drinking alcohol and then getting behind the wheel is a dangerous combination. With the Swedish Transport Administration's zero-vision, where no one should die or be injured in traffic, the most reasonable thing is that alcohol should not be combined with being out in traffic at all. That not even three out of four Swedes think it's entirely wrong to drive a car after drinking alcohol is worrying," says Mojtaba Ghodsi, CEO of IQ.

Nationally, the proportion of people who think it's entirely wrong to drive a car after drinking a glass of wine or beer has decreased from 88% in 2010 to 72% in 2022. The proportion who think it's right to drive after a glass has slowly moved in a more permissive direction, from 3% in 2010 to 5% in the latest measurement.

People in Stockholm County are the least restrained, with only 65% believing it's entirely wrong to drive after drinking alcohol. The most restrictive are people in Östergötland County, where 84% think it's entirely wrong.

In 2021, 47 people died in alcohol or drug-related traffic accidents in Sweden, accounting for 22% of all traffic fatalities. According to the Swedish Transport Administration, there are at least 15,000 trips daily in Sweden with drivers so impaired that they would be convicted of drunk driving if discovered. Drunk driving is when a person driving a motor vehicle has at least 0.2‰ alcohol or drugs in their blood. In several countries, the legal limit for drunk driving is zero.

"The fact that so many drunk drivers are out on our roads is serious and poses a risk to other road users. There is no safe limit for alcohol and driving. So if you drink alcohol during Easter, leave the car," urges Mojtaba Ghodsi.

About IQ's Alcohol Index IQ's Alcohol Index is a composite measure of Swedes' attitudes toward alcohol, with an emphasis on binge drinking. The index value of 60.0 for 2022 is the highest ever. The Alcohol Index is created from the answers to seven questions and is presented on a scale from 0-100, where 0 is the most permissive and 100 is the most restrictive.

The same questions have been asked annually since 2010 to people aged 16 and older. The survey is conducted by Novus, and the 2022 results are based on 4,015 interviews. Since 2018, the number of interviews has been expanded so that the results can be broken down at the county level. Learn more about IQ's Alcohol Index at

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