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IOGT-NTO mobilizes support for Swedish alcohol monopoly with new petition

09.06.2023 - IOGT-NTO has launched a new petition amidst growing concerns over a proposed shift in Swedish alcohol policy. The proposed change to allow direct alcohol sales by producers, popularly known as 'farm sales', is under active discussion in the Swedish Government.

The alcohol monopoly system in Sweden has been recognised for its effectiveness in limiting alcohol availability and enforcing age restriction policies. Research suggests a correlation between such monopolies and reduced alcohol consumption and associated harm.

Emil Juslin, the European Policy Officer for IOGT-NTO in Brussels, has expressed concerns regarding the "farm sales" proposal: "Introduction of alcohol sales from producers would undermine the Swedish monopoly system and would have severe and irrevocable effects on Swedish alcohol policy and public health. The monopoly model should be celebrated and further developed, not challenged by commercial interests."

The proposed change, if approved, would change the legal framework around alcohol sales in Sweden. This would lead the Swedish alcohol monopoly to lose its current EU law exemption and fall under the ordinary EU competition rules. This, in turn, could lead to a fully privatised market.

Several studies indicate that a transition to private alcohol sales could increase alcohol consumption by approximately 20 – 30%. There is also an estimated potential rise in alcohol-related deaths by over 1000 each year.

Along with IOGT-NTO, other Swedish organisations, including the Swedish Cancer Society, the Swedish Public Health Authority, The Swedish Ombudsman for Children, and Systembolaget, have informed the Government of these potential risks.

The IOGT-NTO petition seeks international support, urging that the Swedish monopoly system's public health benefits are recognised and acknowledged worldwide. The organisation is encouraging to sign the petition, showing support for the Swedish monopoly.

Sign the petition HERE

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Jul 10

The potential increase in alcohol consumption and related deaths is alarming. It's crucial to maintain the current system to protect public health and safety in Sweden. tunnel rush


May 22
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

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