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IOGT-NTO Submits Congress Statement to Social Minister Jakob Forssmed

06.07.2023 - This past weekend, the IOGT-NTO Congress was held, during which the topic of direct sales of alcohol from producers to the public, also known as farm sales, was discussed. The Congress, which gathered representatives from all over Sweden, unanimously decided in its congress statement to issue a sharp demand to Social Minister Jakob Forssmed. The demand was: do not allow private operators to sell alcohol to the public.

The Congress believes that Systembolaget's monopoly is one of the best alcohol policy measures available, in Sweden and the world. The alcohol monopoly protects public health, contributes to development, and enables more people to live a free life without being harmed by alcohol and its secondary damages.

In addition to the congress statement, a film was also handed over to the social minister, in which 12 congress representatives listed reasons why the monopoly is important to them.

"I am so proud when I see the enormous power our organization has. The film shows that regardless of how different our members are, no matter which political party they belong to, we unite in the vision of a society where alcohol does not limit or harm anyone," says the re-elected Chairman Lucas Nilsson.

Read the letter HERE (in Swedish)

Watch the film "12 reasons"

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