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MHF spotlights prevention and recovery in fight against drunk driving in week 45

06.11.2023 - Over one million Swedes engage in risky alcohol consumption. During week 45, MHF shines a light on positive examples of preventive and rehabilitative measures linked to alcohol and drug abuse as well as drunk driving. MHF will release six interview films over the course of the week. The County Administrative Board, the Police, and the Addiction Centre in Örebro County discuss what is important to make the SMADIT collaboration work effectively.

MHF (The Motorists' Sobriety Association) is a non-profit road safety organization that works to ensure that no one dies from drunk driving.

The National Awareness Week for risky use of alcohol and drugs is a recurring initiative during week 45 – this year from November 6 to 13.

In this year's theme for week 45, MHF focuses on the municipalities' responsibility for local crime prevention that came into effect on July 1, 2023, with an emphasis on preventive and rehabilitative measures for alcohol and drug abuse as well as drunk driving. Measures like SMADIT (Collaboration Against Alcohol and Drugs in Traffic) and driver's licenses with the condition of an alcohol interlock are highlighted.

If risky use of alcohol or drug abuse can be detected and stopped early, and care and rehabilitation can be offered, it yields many benefits for both the individual and society. It also reduces the risk of other people being seriously injured or killed in traffic as a result of someone else's poor life choices.

Collaboration Against Alcohol and Drugs in Traffic (SMADIT) is a method aimed at offering a person stopped by the police for drunk driving or drug-impaired driving a healthcare contact. SMADIT is a fast track into care.

In Örebro County, the actors involved in SMADIT have been carrying on and developing the work since its inception in 2006. In MHF's interview films, the County Administrative Board of Örebro, Örebro Police, and the Addiction Centre talk about their work with SMADIT.

For successful SMADIT work, a good agreement is crucial. This is highlighted by Josefin Sejnelid, county coordinator for alcohol, narcotics, doping, tobacco, and gambling issues at the County Administrative Board of Örebro County.

"It's about planting a seed for change. If we can see the person and not just the act itself and show that help is available. That's what SMADIT is about," explains Thomas Jäderqvist, Police Commissioner at the Örebro Police who works with crime prevention.

Nurse Anna-Karin Holst at the Addiction Centre in Örebro talks about how a motivational interview is conducted.

"We see positive results when the person has had some time to think, and then many accept care," she says.

The films will be published continuously on and on MHF's YouTube channel.

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