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NordAN initiates a new annual tradition with a synopsis on alcohol and drug issues

Updated: Jan 19

18.01.2024 - The Nordic Alcohol and Drug Policy Network has initiated a new annual effort to confront the critical issues surrounding alcohol and drug consumption in the Nordic region. Launching its first "Yearly Nordic Synopsis on Alcohol & Drug Issues," NordAN establishes an annual tradition of in-depth reports dedicated to shedding light on and analyzing the complex challenges associated with alcohol and drug consumption in Nordic countries.

The document has been sent to key figures in the Nordic region: Jessika Roswall, Sweden's Minister for EU Affairs and the current head of the Nordic Council of Ministers; Bryndís Haraldsdóttir, Icelandic Parliament Member and President of the Nordic Council, along with Karen Ellemann and Kristina Háfoss, Secretaries General of the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Nordic Council, respectively.

Synopsis highlights:

  • Increasing substance use: The report points out a concerning rise in alcohol and drug use, especially among the region's youth.

  • Substance use and society: The synopsis emphasizes how alcohol and drug problems are interlinked with other societal challenges, often making these issues worse.

  • Health and social consequences: It discusses the health risks of substance use, including mental health concerns and its broader social impact.

  • Recommendations for action: The document proposes concrete steps for policy reform, improved healthcare responses, and public awareness initiatives.

A step towards collaborative solutions:

This annual synopsis is part of NordAN's effort to encourage informed decision-making and regional collaboration in tackling alcohol and drug problems. 

Lauri Beekmann, Executive Director of NordAN, emphasizes the importance of this initiative: 'With the launch of our annual synopsis, we aim to remind the Nordic Council and the Nordic Council of Ministers of the crucial mandate given by the Helsinki Treaty to address alcohol and drug consumption challenges. This report is not just an overview of the issues; it's a call to action, urging our leaders to prioritize these concerns in line with the treaty's objectives for a healthier and safer Nordic region.

The full synopsis -

Yearly Nordic Synopsis on Alcohol_2024
Download PDF • 465KB

NordAN welcomes everyone to read the report and join the discussion on creating a healthier Nordic region.

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