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NordAN recommends: European conference on effective alcohol marketing regulations

The "Digital Alcohol Marketing in the Spotlight" conference (June 23, Vilnius, Lithuania), organized by EUCAM, the Lithuanian Tobacco and Alcohol Control Coalition, and IOGT-NTO, is a collaborative event that focuses on the impact of digital alcohol marketing on young people. This conference aims to gather experts, researchers, and advocates to discuss the challenges posed by digital alcohol advertising, explore effective regulations to protect vulnerable populations, and promote a responsible approach to alcohol marketing in the digital age.

What is it about? Nijole Gostautaite Midttun, president of the Lithuanian Tobacco and Alcohol Control Coalition: We're very excited to have this follow-up conference in Vilnius. Digital alcohol marketing is an underestimated threat to public health and especially towards young people. In a post-covid era, when large part of population spends increasing amounts of time online - digital marketing plays an enormous role in shaping people behaviour. That includes also alcohol purchasing and consumption behaviour. The conference will provide the best of current scientific knowledge on the issues and display the complexity related to digital alcohol marketing.

Why should you attend? Nijole: Presenters will outline effective policy tools based on country experiences and involve participants in a discussion on how to apply these lessons locally for protection of the young generation, the public health and the sustainable future. This is an opportunity to work together on proven country examples adapting those lessons to challenges we experience in different environments and communities.

What can you expect to gain? Nijole: While the first thematic conference in 2019 in Amsterdam has set a stage for an emerging issue, this one will help reflect the changes and the new evidence. Eucam network together with partners is committed to continuing to monitor the issue and help advance the use of effective strategies. The lecturers and participants will work with this complex phenomenon by engaging researchers, NGO’s, state institutions, advocates and prevention practitioners, also politicians and regulators.


How to participate? For registering for this conference, use this link.

Costs: € 75,– ; Conference dinner at Friday evening June 23: € 40,–

Payment after registration.

The programme can be found HERE

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