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Social Democrats propose new model for farm sales compatible with Swedish alcohol monopoly

Lena Hallengren and Fredrik Lundh Sammeli
Lena Hallengren and Fredrik Lundh Sammeli

08.05.2024 - The Social Democratic Party presented a new model today to introduce farm sales in Sweden. The proposal entrusts the Systembolaget, Sweden's state-owned alcohol retailer, with creating a special farm sales assortment and a digital infrastructure, including a farm sales app for customers to use during visits. Upon purchase, the products will be home delivered to the customer by Systembolaget. Additionally, the proposal suggests reviewing the possibility for producers to act as agents for Systembolaget.

"We Social Democrats have long stated that we are open to farm sales, but only under the absolute condition that it does not threaten the Systembolaget's alcohol monopoly. The proposals that the government has been discussing pose significant risks, according to our assessment. Therefore, we are now presenting our own solution," said Lena Hallengren, group leader in the parliament.

"Our proposal has the advantage of not requiring any legislative changes and can be implemented and in place in the near future. The proposal would enable an increase in farm sales while maintaining control over the Swedish alcohol monopoly," said Fredrik Lundh Sammeli, vice chairman of the social committee.

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office purpose
office purpose
May 15

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