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Systembolaget gives research prizes and gathers expertise in alcohol and cancer

15.05.2023 - Systembolaget's Knowledge Prize 2023 was awarded to Dr. Johanna Gripenberg, and Dr. Erica Sundin was awarded Systembolaget's Junior Prize. At the same time, they gather researchers who study the connections between alcohol consumption and cancer.

The award ceremony took place May 11 - 12, during the annual alcohol research conference where Systembolaget gathers researchers and experts, this year in the field of alcohol and cancer. The purpose of the conference is to highlight and uplift information about new research regarding damage that alcohol can cause and how it can be prevented.

Examples of participants in the program are representatives from the World Health Organization (WHO), organizations working to prevent cancer, and researchers who have funding from Systembolaget's Alcohol Research Council. Participants at the conference are primarily alcohol researchers, representatives from departments, authorities and organizations, as well as representatives from the Nordic alcohol monopolies.

With the Knowledge Prize and the Junior Prize, Systembolaget acknowledges researchers who have contributed with new, groundbreaking knowledge in the field of alcohol. An external prize committee consisting of researchers representing various research disciplines selects the laureates.

Systembolaget's Knowledge Prize 2023 goes to Johanna Gripenberg Johanna Gripenberg is awarded Systembolaget's Knowledge Prize for her contributions in prevention research regarding alcohol and other drugs. Her research has been focused on population-oriented prevention of alcohol and other drugs. She has worked in environments and contexts where risky alcohol use is particularly high, studied attitudes to drug problems, investigated the prevalence of use in risk environments and developed prevention methods that have been scientifically evaluated. Johanna's efforts to initiate alcohol and drug prevention programs are characterized by innovative and courageous efforts in environments where researchers usually do not venture.

The Knowledge Prize is 100,000 kronor.

Systembolaget's Junior Prize 2023 goes to Erica Sundin Erica Sundin defended her thesis in 2022 and her dissertation work has contributed to research on harm from other people's drinking, "harm to others". She has compared methods for measuring the harm of others' drinking, including comparative studies in 19 European countries. Erica's research contributes with new and important knowledge about how alcohol harms more than the person drinking. The Junior Prize is 50,000 kr.

Source: Systembolaget

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