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  • Lauri Beekmann

United Against Violence and Drugs - A manifestation in Stockholm

November 11, 2023 - On November 18th, at 4:30 PM, a significant manifestation against violence and drugs is scheduled to take place at Medborgarplatsen in Stockholm. This event, organized by various groups, individuals, and artists, represents a united front against the disturbing trend of violence, shootings, and explosions that have recently plagued society. Kim Reenaas, General Secretary of IOGT-NTO, underscores the significance of this gathering: "To our knowledge, never before have so many concerned organizations, spokespersons, and artists in civil society come together in response to the current situation of gang crime, violence, and shootings. Civil society is a strong positive force. It is important that this force is heard and seen and does not fall silent."

IOGT-NTO, a key organizer of this event, is a religiously and politically independent organization whose activities are grounded in sobriety, aiming to strengthen democracy and solidarity. Their mission is to increase individual freedom and contribute to a safer society where no one is harmed by alcohol or other drugs. The organization is recognized as a major societal actor in reducing the damages caused by these substances.

This manifestation serves as a powerful statement from a society uniting in its stance against violence and the negative impact of drugs. The event is a platform for raising awareness and a demonstration of solidarity, bringing together a diverse group of people, including parents, youth, victims, educators, and activists, all committed to making a positive change in their community.

More information about participating organizations and artists is continuously published at

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