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Women go Dropless more often than men - health the best motivator

28.12.2022 - According to a survey conducted by Kantar TNS OY, 15% of people who drink alcohol celebrated a Dropless January in 2022. Dropless is increasingly popular with women, as more women than men celebrated a Dropless January.

Among different age groups, especially those aged under 25 and 35-49 took a break from alcohol consumption for a month, while a few years ago, Dropless was most popular among pensioners and people aged 65 and over. At that time, women and men were equally likely to abstain.

The number of people abstaining from drinking has fallen slightly since previous years. On the other hand, an increasing number of respondents reported being completely sober and not needing to spend Dropless January. Up to 29% of respondents said they did not drink alcohol at all. Sobriety has been steadily increasing.

Dropless January was particularly popular among moderate drinkers. Of those who said they usually drank alcohol once a month or less, 18% had spent time abstinent. Of those who drink more often than this, a smaller proportion, 6-8%, had spent January without a drink.

More than half will continue alcohol-free after January The vast majority of those who have gone on a drinking holiday felt they had changed their alcohol consumption since January. Overall, 66% of those who had not drunk in January had continued to do so until mid-February or had reduced their alcohol consumption. This year there were slightly more people who continued to drink than last year.

It is rare for people to drop out, with only 0-1% of people dropping out each year. This figure has remained the same since 2013. It seems that it is easy to commit to a drink-free January.

Health is the best motivator for a non-drinker Health-related reasons are still the single most important reason to celebrate a Dropless January, as in previous years. This had been the reason for a total of 37% of those who had abstained.

Every fourth respondent (27%) referred to the tradition: Dropless January has become a tradition.

There are also those who want to challenge themselves by spending an alcohol-free January. They are currently a quarter (24%) of those who have been without alcohol. One in ten has taken an alcohol-free month for savings reasons (11%), and 10% because they wanted to lose weight.

Dropless January will be here again soon Dropless January, starting in January 2023, encourages thinking about whether new habits could be found instead of alcohol. The network of organizations for preventive substance abuse work and EHYT ry coordinate the Dropless January campaign and its communication activities.

Tipaton works in cooperation with the Taitolaji chat and the Tipaton chat will be open three working weeks in January. During the chat, you can ask anonymous questions to experts about your own alcohol use.

You can also ask questions about a loved one's situation. Professionals from the EHYT will discuss and guide you to reliable self-help materials. Above all, it is about meeting people. In the best case, the chat can provide support for abstinence and positive life change.

Dropless January is for anyone who wants to pay attention to their alcohol consumption, reduce harm, try sobriety or promote their own well-being.

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Jan 23

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