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New study: One in six Danes skip company parties due to alcohol culture

Blue Cross Denmark survey on alcohol culture

12.06.2024 - Alcohol plays too significant a role at parties and other social events in workplaces. So much so that many either avoid attending or leave early, according to a new survey conducted by Voxmeter for Blue Cross Denmark.

Before the summer vacation begins, many companies traditionally hold an annual summer party with festive activities, good food, wine, and draft beer.

However, alcohol can often dominate these events, and this is a problem, reveals a new survey conducted by Voxmeter on behalf of Blue Cross Denmark.

According to the survey, 40 percent of Danes believe that alcohol plays too significant a role at parties and other social events in their workplace. Nearly 25 percent of respondents have chosen to leave social events early, while 16 percent have completely refrained from attending.

Morten Skov Mogensen, Secretary General of Blue Cross Denmark, is surprised that the alcohol culture in workplaces leads so many Danes to opt out of parties and other social events altogether:

"It is sad that so many feel compelled not to be part of the social community at the workplace because alcohol is too prominent. Collegiality is a large part of our working life, and I hope that more companies will take this survey to heart so that no one feels excluded at social gatherings."

At Lederne, Denmark’s largest professional organization for managers, there is a trend towards less alcohol at workplace social events.

In December, one in four managers responded in a survey that their workplace had eliminated hard liquor from the Christmas party.

"There should be room for everyone when hosting a party at work. Everyone should feel safe and comfortable, whether they drink alcohol or not. If you host a party that is realistically only for some employees, you miss the essential point of gathering. So it's about finding a good balance where everyone feels welcome," says Lars Andersen, occupational health policy chief consultant at Lederne.

About the survey/study:

The survey was conducted by the analysis institute Voxmeter on behalf of Blue Cross Denmark. Data was collected in May 2024 among individuals over 18 years old. 1,071 respondents completed the questionnaire. The alcohol culture in workplaces will also be discussed at the Folkemødet on Bornholm, where Blue Cross Denmark invites Lars Andersen from Lederne and Nick Hækkerup from the Brewers' Association for a conversation about the responsibility companies have in changing the alcohol culture. The debate takes place on Friday, June 14, from 11:00-11:45 in tent J40 on Kæmpestranden in Allinge.

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Having a party when in all honesty, it's probably just going to be a small group of employees is a huge missed basket random

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