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Systembolaget's future threatened after today's farm sales announcement

Lucas Nilsson  Förbundsordförande IOGT-NTO
Lucas Nilsson

05.06.2024 - Today (June 5, 2024), the government announced plans to move forward with so-called farm sales and will send the proposal to the Council on Legislation. The proposal, which allows entities other than Systembolaget to sell alcohol directly to customers, threatens the exemption from EU law that Systembolaget currently enjoys. This exemption is based on Systembolaget's status as a monopoly with exclusive rights.

"Introducing farm sales is to dismantle Systembolaget's monopoly. It means abolishing our most important tool for reducing harm and suffering caused by alcohol," says Lucas Nilsson, President of IOGT-NTO.

Several referral bodies and EU law experts have previously expressed criticism of the investigation on which the proposal is based, highlighting the EU legal challenges that so-called farm sales entail. Despite this, the government has chosen to proceed with the proposal, which will result in the abolition of Systembolaget's exclusive rights.

"The EU legal challenges pointed out by the referral bodies have not been addressed by the government. It is extremely concerning that the government is acting so recklessly with a tool that saves thousands of lives," concludes Lucas Nilsson.


IOGT-NTO has conducted an EU legal analysis of the farm sales investigation:

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