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Alcohol unimportant for Midsummer for over 6 out of 10, but half still drink more in the summer

21.06.2023 - More than half of Swedes drink more alcohol during the holidays compared to the rest of the year. However, at the same time, alcohol is unimportant for over 6 out of 10 people during the upcoming Midsummer celebrations. This is shown in a new survey that Novus has conducted on behalf of IQ. "For many, it feels natural to drink more alcohol when we are off, it's summer, and we don't have the same structured daily routine as usual. It's of course no more dangerous to drink alcohol on a weekday than on the weekend, but it can become problematic if you add new occasions while maintaining your old ones. Therefore, it's important to reflect on our habits. We have a tendency to underestimate how much alcohol we drink when it becomes a frequent occurrence in the week," says Mojtaba Ghodsi, CEO of IQ.

According to IQ's survey, it's particularly middle-aged people (35–49 years) who increase their alcohol consumption during the summer, and especially middle-aged women. But even parents with children living at home change their habits more than average during the summer.

Alcohol unimportant for over 6 out of 10 Midsummer celebrants Soon it's Midsummer, and despite strong traditions with schnapps, beer, and rosé wine, it's actually over 6 out of 10 who think that alcohol is unimportant for the Midsummer celebration. Alcohol is most important for men 50–64 years old, where every other person thinks it's important – compared to the average of every third person.

"We see a general trend in society with reduced alcohol consumption. Even on a tradition-bound holiday like Midsummer, alcohol seems to play a subordinate role. It's a myth that everyone thinks alcohol is important at a party. Therefore, we should not just take old habits for granted, but rather aim to challenge the norms," says Mojtaba Ghodsi.

Alcohol consumption nearly 70 percent higher during summer In June and July, Swedes' alcohol consumption is at its highest. In July last year, we drank 67 percent more than in the bottom month of February, the number of drinking occasions was 43 percent more, and the number of intensive consumption occasions was 86 percent more. This is shown by measurements from the Central Federation for Alcohol and Drug Information (CAN).*

IQ's tips for the Midsummer celebration and summer holidays # Question old habits. If you don't think you should drink alcohol, say so. There are many non-alcoholic beverages that are just as suitable. If you're hosting, offer several interesting non-alcoholic beverages and present them chilled and as naturally as those with alcohol. # Create shared expectations. Talk with those you'll celebrate with about how you view alcohol so that you have shared expectations on how to have a pleasant celebration together. # Don't pressure about alcohol. Respect if someone doesn't want to drink alcohol, or doesn't want to drink a lot. Don't nag, but let each person decide for themselves. # Consider your own drinking. Think about how your alcohol consumption affects others. Does it really contribute to making the occasion more enjoyable, and do you want to be the one others worry about? # Think extra when there are children present. Children notice that adults change even after a small amount of alcohol which can affect their sense of security. Therefore, it's extra important to consider alcohol intake when children are present.

IQ's tips for the summer holidays

# Consider the place you give alcohol. Reflect on the place you want alcohol to have during your vacation and if alcohol really leads to a more enjoyable vacation for you, and people in your surroundings. # Keep track of your drinking. Decide how much, and how often you intend to drink alcohol, and stick to it. # Alternate with alcohol-free. If you drink alcohol, alternate with non-alcoholic drinks, then the party can last longer.

Support and advice IQ has two services for those over 18 who are considering their own or someone else's alcohol habits. An anonymous test for those who want to know more about their alcohol habits and how they affect themselves and others. Provides support for those who are worried about someone else's alcohol habits. The service guides the user to a first conversation, with concrete tips on how to structure it.

Visit Alkoholhjälpen, 1177 Vårdguiden or Alkohollinjen 020-84 44 48 if you want to read more about alcohol addiction and what you can do if you want to get help.


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Jun 01

It's fascinating to see how cultural traditions evolve over time. The Nordics' shift towards alcohol being less central to Midsummer image clipping service celebrations reflects changing societal norms and values. It's heartening that over 60% prioritize other aspects of the holiday, perhaps emphasizing family time or outdoor activities. However, the fact that half still consume more alcohol during the summer highlights the ongoing presence of drinking culture. It's a nuanced picture that prompts reflection on the role of alcohol in our festivities.


Feb 15

The statistics may show that alcohol is unimportant for many during Midsummer, but it's undeniable that summer often brings about a more relaxed attitude towards drinking. Just as Bliss By The Sea Retreat offers a real vacation experience focused on relaxation and rejuvenation, it's important to find balance in our summer activities, including alcohol consumption. Whether enjoying a beachfront vacation rental or exploring new destinations, let's prioritize health and well-being while making the most of our summer adventures. After all, vacation is about creating meaningful memories and cherishing time with loved ones.

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