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Empowering local politics with IOGT Norway's alcohol prevention campaign

02.08.2023 - In light of the upcoming local elections in Norway, scheduled for 11th September 2023, IOGT Norway aims to encourage and guide individuals passionate about making a difference in their community's alcohol policy. They provide resources for a safer local environment, focused on alcohol prevention and raising awareness.

IOGT Norway understands that municipalities have considerable control in setting local alcohol policies. It is their mission to provide politicians and community advocates with the resources they need to implement responsible alcohol prevention measures locally.

The campaign is anchored in three critical statements around which the conversation on responsible alcohol policies revolves. Firstly, "Do you agree that the welfare of children and young people should always come first in alcohol policy?" which emphasizes the priority of safeguarding younger demographics. Secondly, "Do you agree that parents should be involved in prevention work?" underscores parents' vital role in preventive measures. Lastly, "Do you agree that children and adolescents should have attractive and various drug-free recreational offers?" which focuses on providing engaging and healthy alternatives for younger individuals. These statements serve to stimulate discussion and motivate action toward responsible alcohol policies.

IOGT Norway recognizes that municipalities possess substantial control in shaping local alcohol policies. They aim to equip politicians and community advocates with the resources needed to implement such responsible measures. The "Er du enig?" ("Do you agree?") campaign, for instance, invites participants to share campaign images on social media, sparking conversations on how they aim to contribute positively in their municipalities.

There are multiple ways to engage with this initiative physically. One can visit a politician's stand during the local election campaign, engaging them in conversation about the importance of alcohol policy. To help facilitate these conversations, IOGT provides flyers for each campaign statement which can be handed out during such interactions. Participants also receive an "Er du enig?" printed t-shirt to wear, further promoting the campaign's message.

Alternatively, supporters can host or join others at an information stand. This is a fantastic opportunity to inform a broader audience about the implications of alcohol policy. While politicians ultimately make the decisions, public opinion significantly influences those decisions. Collaborating with others passionate about responsible alcohol policy can collectively make a significant difference.

IOGT Norway encourages everyone interested in responsible alcohol policy to participate in their campaign, urging politicians to focus on alcohol prevention during the upcoming local elections. Everyone can make a difference and ensure safer, healthier communities.

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